Integrated care for enhancing well-being with cultural sensitivity in the community

Project Members
  • Principal Investigator
      Prof. Li-Fan, Liu (NCKU)
  • Co-investigator
    1. Prof. Helene Hoi-Lam FUNG (CUHK)
    2. Prof. Su-I Hou (University of Central Florida)
    3. Assoc. Prof. Carol Ma (SUSS)

This project focuses on how to apply multi-faceted approaches to help elderly people to enjoy healthy aging and enhance quality of life in later years through identifying new aging concept and developing innovative and integrated care model with social and cultural sensitivity. The collaboration between researchers especially coming from different Chinese societies will help us to explore more in detail regarding the issue with cultural sensitivity. We found that the significance of social determinants of health on healthy life style and quality of life. By using literature review and mixed method, we would like to explore not only the individual level factors but also the environmental and societal factors which impact and influence on healthy lifestyle and wellbeing in later life. Moreover, through identifying positive view of growing old and exploring the preferred mode of care integration, it is hope that the quality of life can be enhanced to achieve the goal of SDG 3-good health and well-being.